Toilet training can be a very stressful time for a family. Not just for mum and dad but also for the trainee. At Fred & Fer, we are constantly coming up with innovative ways to make life easier for today’s busy families and as a result, our toilet training solutions have developed a bit of a following. Over the last number of years we have had the pleasure of helping countless parents with our unique toilet training products. Given the experience we’ve accumulated developing these ….. along with our own personal experience of 7 children and 14 grandchildren between us….. here are our top 5 tips we believe will help you through this transition:


1. Start When Your Trainee Shows You These Signs

Notice when your child takes an interest in yourself or other family members going to the toilet. Also when they become aware that they have wet or soiled themselves and will also be communicating that with you PLUS they are able to easily remove clothing.


2. Choosing When

It takes time and patience to train so if possible, choose a more relaxing season. Perhaps when you are taking holidays instead of a busier period in your lives.  The warmer months can be helpful as they will have less clothing to remove.


3. Get Support

The more the support you have the better so be sure to let everyone else know. The whole family can support your trainee—even young ones can call you if they see the trainee needs to ‘go’. If your child’s Daycare or Pre-School give you no assistance in training, once again holiday time is best. However many of them are a great support and are happy to help. Make sure you let your babysitters know too and the way that you are handling it.


4. Avoid Disposable Products

Speaking with many parents, we discovered it was taking a long time for kiddies to toilet train using the typical “draws-it-away-from-the-skin” disposables available in the shops. The trainee can’t feel when an accident had occurred in those, unlike the wet feeling and discomfort they had felt in cloth nappies or undies. They also end up being very expensive and are not friendly to the environment. Our toilet training undies solve both of these problems.


5. Don’t Stress!!

Expect there will be accidents along the way—this is normal and for some it takes longer than others. It’s kind of like popcorn in a way; each kernel goes into the pan at the same time and temperature yet they don’t all pop at once. They have their own time to shine 🙂

Don’t expect your child to train exactly the same as your friend’s kiddos. If you need to pause training because there’s no progress after a period of time, it’s no failure! Perhaps it was just a little too early for your child and you can simply try again later.

Concentrate on the successes rather than the whoopsies! Give praise and celebrate when they hit the mark and stay calm when they miss it and the clean-up begins. Easier said than done, we know, but with regular reminders to go to the toilet and products available such as [our tried and tested solutions] this can be an exciting transition time for your child.


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